Bird Construction Company, Inc.

The Company

Bird Construction Company, Inc. was founded in June 1964. Since then it has grown to become one of the most trusted and respected companies in Puerto Rico. The Company's work is best exemplified by the various commercial, institutional, industrial and housing projects which have accounted for an average of $75.5 millions for the past three years. 
Our success is based on a continued commitment to excellence which integrates every aspect of the construction process.
Excellence in Resources:  Bird Construction Company offers a team of experienced engineers and construction managers as well as a select group of Bird skilled tradesmen, specialty contractors and suppliers to ensure optimum productivity.
Excellence in Service and Capabilities: Bird's expertise allows for pre-construction services such as site acquisitions, permitting process, design and engineering coordination, continuous cost analysis, value engineering and precise scheduling among others. Depending on the individual needs of our clients we are prepared to perform within the frame of any type of formula, be it general contracting, design-build or construction management. Depending on our clients preference, we will enter into any of the following type of contracts, be it lump sum, cost of the work plus a fee, cost of the work plus a fee with a GMP or cost of the work plus a fee with a GMP and a participation of savings.

Excellence in Organization: our resources and services are carefully managed to produce projects on schedule, within budget and of excellent quality. 

At Bird we believe that each project is unique and has its special   challenges. Our team commits the time to build your project on paper first in order to meet the individual needs of every client for a successful construction relationship.




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San Juan, Puerto Rico